About Melissa


Who is Melissa Lynn Christian?

49 year old single mother of two, dog lover, feminist, sex-positive, realist who will tell you what she thinks. She has a way of telling someone off without them realizing what she has done until minutes later. She is loving and kind unless you come between her and her family or her money, then she becomes a fire breathing, forked tongued, Medusa who will not stop until you are left curled in a ball, cowering in the corner. Her eyes tell all, they truly are the window to her soul.

Born in Savannah, GA, Melissa was the first child born to a very young couple. Her mother was only 17 when Melissa was born. Her parents had run away when her maternal grandparents threatened to force her mother into giving Melissa up for adoption. As soon as Melissa's mother was 18, the couple married. Within two years the fights had become so frequent her mother called home for the first time since running away. Her grandfather and uncles drove to Georgia. In the middle of the night, while her father was at a bar, they loaded what they could in the car, taking Melissa and her mother back to Pennsylvania. Her father made a few attempts to contact her mother, but within the year he had found someone else and they were expecting a child. Melissa never heard from him again.

She spent a few years growing up with her mother's family until her mother once again decided to get married. Both families were very strict, devout Catholics. It was apparent early that Melissa was not an in the box type of child. In an attempt to put her in the box, they instilled their fears and guilt onto her. They may have been well meaning, but it gave birth to great conflict in Melissa's heart. She wanted to follow the rules, but they just didn't feel right to her.

She spent most of her adult life doing the right thing, or so she thought. She went to school, got good grades, didn't get in trouble, got married, had children. She did the best she could to be a good wife, but it wasn't enough. The marriage ended in divorce. She spent a decade working on improving herself and evolving into the person she is today; strong, confident, spirited. It was through the evolution that she found her voice and the confidence to express it in the pages of her books for the world to see.